A search for a Wenatchee man who's been missing since late April will happen sometime soon, according to the Chelan County Sheriff's Office. 

Wenatchee Police originally handled the case of 39-year-old Travis Coleman but turned to the sheriff's office for help with the search because of the resources deputies have. 

Sheriff's office Chief Ryan Moody says they'll be using their helicopter along with drones and a volunteer search team to canvas a specific area. 

 "We have specific information that led us to this being a possible area where he could be recovered," said Moody. "It's not just a random search." 

Moody said he hopes to announce a date for the search this week, which will be conducted in the foothills west of Wenatchee. 

The issue now is aligning helicopter pilots with the search and rescue volunteers on a specific date when they can all work together on the intensive, single day search. 

Moody says the helicopter will play a pivotal role in the operation because of the terrain where the search will take place. 

“To search most of it, we’re going to have to insert our volunteers in by helicopter,” Moody said. “That’s one of the reasons we needed our helicopter to pull it off. It would be asking a lot to have people walk into some of these areas.” 

The search will be a 5x5 mile area, including the Number 1 Canyon, Number 2 Canyon and Castle Rock areas west of Wenatchee on county land. 

Coleman went missing from 1056 Montana Street in Wenatchee on April 22 between 5:30 - 8pm. 

Coleman’s mother, Denise McBurnie, has been trying to get the search organized for some time. The search was originally scheduled for Tuesday but was delayed by logistics in coordinating all of the necessary search elements together. 

Moody said they’ve also reached out to the state Search and Rescue operation, which might be sending some cadaver dogs to assist in the operation. 

Because of county liability reasons, members of the public cannot join the single day search with the sheriff’s office, although anyone could take part in a search on most any other day. 

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