Another step is being taken on the McKittrick Street project in north Wenatchee.

The city council Thursday approved a contract with KPG Psomas for construction engineering services that'll bring a signal light to the intersection of McKittrick Street and Wenatchee Avenue.

Wenatchee Project Engineer Nicole Brockwell says the signal light should be up and running by late summer.

"The signal light and roadway luminaires are expected to be delivered by the end of June," said Brockwell. "We expect J&K (construction company) to get started back at the beginning of July. And we anticipate the system being fully operational and everything complete by the end of August."

The signal light will serve as a gateway to new development and the extension of McKittrick Street all the way to the future Confluence Parkway to the east.

The new development includes the site of the former Department of Transportation building on Wenatchee Avenue, just south of the intersection.

An announcement will be made in the next 3-6 months on what business will be moving to the old DOT site.

There's been high public interest and anticipation on which business or businesses that will be.

A natural food grocery store, hotels, and chain restaurants have been mentioned as interested parties in the site.

The city council on Thursday approved roughly  $126,000 in cost overruns tied to a contract suspension over the winter required due to procurement delays in the signal and illumination components, and 26 added working days.

The city already has funding in place to cover the overrun, so no budget amendment was needed.

The improvements made so far at the McKittrick Street-North Wenatchee Ave. intersection, including the upcoming signal light, came with a $6.4 million price tag and were fully funded by federal grants.

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