There's funding in place for another portion of the Grant Road Preservation project in East Wenatchee 

The City Council has approved more than $1.5 million for Phase 2, which is the asphalt overlay of the roadway between N Georgia Ave and N Kentucky Ave. 

Public Works Manager Garren Melton says Phase 2 won't start until work is complete on an earlier phase, which installed a concrete intersection on Grant Road at Eastmont Ave. and will includes a grind and overlay of Grant Road from Valley Mall Parkway to N Georgia Ave in early spring this year. 

"We're going to stagger the start of this project," said Melton. "So, we're going to try to finish up Phase 1, get that wrapped up before Apple Blossom, because that's predominantly the entire parade route." 

Phase 2 will start after the Classy Chassis Parade along Grant Road, which takes place during the Apple Blossom Festival in early May.  

Melton says there’s another reason to stagger the start of Phase 2. 

"It's also going to let the water district go in ahead of us and replace a number of services inside of this Phase 2 area," Melton said. "So, we're going to reduce the risk of any kind of future leaks in there that would mean a brand-new road is getting dug up." 

East Wenatchee's federal grant funds will pay 100 percent of costs associated with Phase 2. The city was awarded $1,761,530.00 for construction of Phase 2.  

The city advertised the project and conducted a public bid opening on December 19 of 2023. Four bids were received.  

Central Washington Asphalt submitted the lowest bid of $1,523,000.00, and will perform the work. 

When finished, the Grant Road project will leave new pavement on the roadway all the way from Valley Mall Parkway and Kentucky Avenue. 

Most all of the funding is coming through federal grants, save for a few hundred thousand the city is responsible for. 

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