The work of a 911 emergency dispatcher is not for everyone but if you think you've got the right stuff,  RiverCom is hiring, according to Doug Jones, Executive Director RiverCom in Wenatchee, WA.

Testing for potential new hires will take place this Saturday, May 18th in East Wenatchee.

Telecommunicator is the professional term used to identify what we think of as a 911 emergency dispatcher.  The telecommunicator is the first voice you hear when you dial 911 for help and they also are the lifeline law enforcement depend upon for assistance and coordinating communication to fire agencies and other first responders.

RiverCom is the multijurisdictional dispatch for emergency and non-emergency calls for service to 22 law enforcement, fire, emergency medical public safety agencies operating in Chelan and Douglas counties. RiverCom fields about 50,000 calls annually.

RiverCom has 14 open positions

Jones says there are currently 11 openings for telecommunicators and three supervisory positions.  The job pays well for the area, with a salary range of $4,528 - $6,091 for telecommunicators, plus a full benefit package..  Jones says shift differentials and overtime can add to the pay telecommunicators earn.  No prior law enforcement or emergency dispatch experience is required and RiverCom will provide paid training for the successful candidates.

RiverCom Training Manager Renee Van Buskirk is a 25 year veteran dispatcher.  The ideal candidate is someone who can multitask "you have to be listening and typing and sometimes talking all the same time.  We're taking a phone call, you'll be adding information into our computer system, and maybe even a radio is going at the same time. So someone who can manage all of that.  Some of it comes with time, but it can't be taught so it's really the multitasking that you have to come in with."

The 911 dispatch work requires someone who is able to type a minimum 35 wpm and Buskirk points out that is typically transcribing information during a 911 call.  The applicant testing this Saturday will measure basic aptitude and the necessary job skills through a variety of multi-tasking exercises.

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The application and interview process for candidates that progress for further consideration will involve background investigation, psychological testing and drug screening but Jones says the first step is coming up on Saturday, May 18th in East Wenatchee.

Interested Applicants Should Complete Public Safety Testing in East Wenatchee

Anyone interested in applying for the RiverCom telecommunicator positions must first signup and complete skills testing with Public Safety Testing (PST) at 9am on Saturday, May 18th

Testing will be held at Wenatchee Valley Fire Station #4 , located at 240 35th St NW.,
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

There is no fee to test for positions with RiverCom 911  CICK Here to register

RiverCom will follow up with candidates who successfully complete the skill testing for further consideration.

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