The excessive heat warning in North Central Washington is now into its eighth day, after it was originally set for only five days.

Meteorologist Steve Bodnar with the National Weather Service says the seven straight days of 100 degree plus weather in Wenatchee is in the record books.

"That ties with 1967," said Bodnar. "That's the last time we had seven days in a row. And if Wenatchee hits 100 today, that will make it eight days in a row. That would put it in clear second, so no longer a tie."

The record for consecutive days at or above 100 is nine, which was set in July of 2014.

There's also now a Red Flag Warning in the region for fire danger from 1 pm today through 9 pm tomorrow.

The area includes Wenatchee, Chelan and Moses Lake while it also extends over to Coulee Dam.

Bodnar says the warning is the result of wind that's part of a cooling trend in temperatures, although it'll be a slow cool down.

"It's going to remain warm, a hundred degrees today, and then just 90s tomorrow and then Wednesday, " Bodnar said. "So, that cool down will bring some winds, but it won't bring very strong winds, which is good.

Bodnar says the fire danger would be much higher if temperatures were dropping more quickly, which would bring stronger winds to the area.

Currently the gradual cool down will drops temperatures to the upper 80s by Thursday.  It'll be 87 in Wenatchee on Thursday, followed by 88 Friday before returning to the 90s on Saturday.

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