A scammer claiming to be a famous country singer nearly convinced two people in unknowingly robbing an Ellensburg home.

On Thursday night, Ellensburg Police Officers responded to a burglary on Pfenning Road after a homeowner reported seeing two suspects entering their home through a surveillance camera.

Officers later learned that both suspects were under the instruction of someone claiming to be a country singer, who told them they could enter the home.

The fake country music star said it was his house and anything inside belonged to his cousin.

Nothing was damaged or taken from the house.

Officers later confirmed that the suspects truly believed they could legally be inside the residence.

Ellensburg Police Department wrote that this scam is one of many that includes someone pretending to be a celebrity and asking for money.

Officers advise everyone to be mindful of potential scammers and do not send money or gift cards to someone you don’t know.

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