A Tumwater woman faces arson and criminal trespassing charges after being accused of setting fire to trailers near Ellensburg.

A 911 caller reported the woman leaving the scene with a propane torch after a trailer next to his fifth-wheel trailer caught fire.

The caller said he'd met the woman at a 7-11 in Ellensburg, had an argument with her at his trailer, saying she left the trailer with two bottles of liquor.

The Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue came to the scene and put the fire out, but both trailers were destroyed.

The 911 came in at about 1:00am Friday morning.

At about 5:30am Friday, another 911 caller who lives close to the first caller reported an unknown woman tried to force her way through his front door and was throwing her body against the door after he shut her out.

Security cameras from that residence showed the woman had arrived at his property shortly after the trailer fires. Deputies say they found evidence leading them to believe she'd hid in a nearby barn for some time before attempting to force her way into the residence.

Deputies and Ellensburg Police came to the scene after the second 911 call and arrested the woman,

They say her waistband contained one of the bottles of liquor described by the man whose trailers burned.

She faces arson and criminal trespassing charges.

The Sheriff’s Office and the Fire Marshall are investigating the fire and related circumstances.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kittcom at 509-925-8534 and provide your information for Deputy TJ Peterson.

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