A 37-year-old man who was reported to have jumped off the Odabashian Bridge Saturday is confirmed dead by the Washington State Patrol. 

Troopers say the man was taken to Confluence Health Hospital Central Campus under involuntary commitment. 

They say he jumped off the bridge for unknown reasons as the roadway was not blocked. 

Wenatchee Valley Firefighters union image
Wenatchee Valley Firefighters union image

According to the Wenatchee Valley Firefighters Union, life-saving measures were performed on the man before he was taken to the hospital. 

The state patrol confirmed the man's death Monday morning. 

Wenatchee Valley Firefighters say their Water Rescue Team was immediately activated after noon Saturday and located the man in the river 

The union says the patient was pulled to shore by a rescue swimmer and CPR was started. 

The patient was transported by boat by additional Rescue Team members to Confluence boat launch. 

The patient regained pulses and was transported to Central Washington Hospital. 

The State Patrol listed the incident as a possible suicide attempt. 

As far as involuntary commitment; 

Under the Involuntary Treatment Act in Washington, a person is typically referred by family members, first responders, or care providers for an investigation/evaluation. 

The referrals arise from concerns about a person's safety, history, and presentation of mental disorder or substance use disorder. 

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