If you're looking to celebrate the 4th of July in Chelan or Douglas County with personal-use fireworks this year, your options are extremely limited.
Both counties have implemented a total ban on fireworks in all unincorporated areas, along with many cities that have done the same.
One exception is East Wenatchee, where Mayor Jerrilea Crawford says fireworks will be sold and can be discharged during specific days and hours.
"There will be fireworks stands in East Wenatchee (and) the fireworks you can purchase at those stands can be used to celebrate the 4th of July this year," explained Crawford. "You can light fireworks off in the city limits July 4th between 1 p.m. and midnight."
The towns of Bridgeport, Rock Island, and Waterville are also allowing fireworks sales and usage this year, while all cities in Chelan County are part of the countywide ban.
As for future Independence Days, Crawford says to enjoy this year's rules because they will be the last to allow sale or use of fireworks.
"The (City of East Wenatchee) council has approved a ban on 4th of July fireworks, it just can't go into effect for a year," detailed Crawford. "So this will be the last year that you can celebrate (the) 4th of July with fireworks within the city limits of East Wenatchee."
Neighboring Okanogan County has also issued a ban on fireworks in unincorporated areas, while Grant and Kittitas Counties allow fireworks with the exception of some city jurisdictions.

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