The annual Give NCW fundraising campaign is in full swing, having kicked off Thanksgiving Day.  

The campaign wraps up on the last day of December and has raised more than $600,000 in each of the past two years. More than $660,000 was raised in 2021. The total was $611,000 in 2022. 

The campaign is operated by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Community Foundation of NCW. 

Community Foundation of NCW Director of Communications Jennifer Dolge says money from the fundraiser is going to 80 different nonprofit groups in Chelan, Douglas and Okanogan counties. 

"There's arts organizations," said Dolge. "There's health organizations. Everything is just something that's making the quality of life better in North Central Washington." 

The receiving organizations include the Wenatchee Valley Museum, Wenatchee Valley YMCA, YWCA North Central Washington, Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, Upper Valley Mend, the Wenatchee River Institute and the Women's Resource Center among many others. 

All the groups have been vetted and have previously received a grant from the Community Foundation. 

The Community Foundation is asking anybody to give the minimum donation of $10. 

More than $200,000 has been raised so far in this year's Give NCW campaign. 

Dolge says anybody can enter the Funday Monday drawing. "Anytime that you donate on a Monday, your name gets entered to win a thousand dollars that you can give back on Give NCW to one or more nonprofits that you like to support," Dolge said. 

The first Funday Monday this year generated $95,000 in donations. 

The campaign also has a Give To All option in which one donation is spread out to all 80 participating nonprofits. All donation to the Give To All pot will be matched up to $50,000 The final Give to All amount is disbursed equally among all organizations who raise at least $1,000. 

The Community Foundation of North Central Washington manages charitable assets, including scholarship and grant funds.  

It’s one of a number of community foundations around the state along with counterparts in Seattle, Snohomish County and Tacoma, among others.  

The Community Foundation is funded through private donations and receives no grant funding. 

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