Grant PUD’s retail electric rates will be increasing by an average of 3%, starting April1.

PUD commissioners approved the increase to offset inflation-driven operational costs, and to help fund new projects.

The increase will add about $3.50 to the monthly bill of a residential customer and just over $10 a month to small businesses.

The average increase affects each rate class differently, and is based the cost to provide electric service to each group.

Image from Grant County PUD
Image from Grant County PUD

Commissioners were unanimous on the need for a rate increase but differed over how to allocate the increase across customer groups

Commissioner Nelson Cox abstained. Commissioner Tom Flint opposed, stating in past rate discussions that he instead favored an across-the-board, 3% increase for all rate classes.

The remaining three commissioners voted in favor of the average 3% increase, saying in past meetings that it was aligned with the existing, cost-to-serve-based rate-setting policy.

They all intend to review and update that policy over the coming year.

The increase will add an estimated $6.8 million to the current average annual rate revenue of $226.5 million.

“We’ve had quite a bit of discussion on this resolution,” Commission President Tom Flint said. The PUD commission held several meetings and workshops on the rate hike before taking its vote last week.

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