12th District Senator Brad Hawkins was in Olympia for Governor Inslee's State of the State address this week and says there were some good things like hydropower was mentioned in a positive light, and the celebration of WSU and their work with the Cosmic Crisp.

However, Hawkins says he does not agree with the Governor's plan to combat homelessness.

"I just think we need to make sure to prioritize that as a priority of our state and fund it accordingly. Not make things even more difficult if we have an economic downturn in the future."

Hawkins says there have been record revenues experienced by Washington recently and that should have been used to tackle the growing problem.

He also voted against a Senate bill that was passed along party lines this week that will ban single-use plastic bags statewide.

Hawkins says he has never had a problem when individual communities decide to ban them.

"I'm not a supporter of the State of Washington, from Olympia, telling every entity across the state what to do and then mandating a charge for certain things onto consumers. So, I think it's a little bit heavy handed."

Hawkins also believes the ban would not make a significant positive environmental impact.

The ban also includes an eight cent charge for people who need a bag from a store to carry their purchased items to their car.


Hear the full interview the Thursday, January 16, 2020 Morning Report:

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