Costco's New Prices Have A Few Customers Upset In Lynwood Washington

Costco is a true Washington State original. It's managed to keep prices down and save its members tons of money through the years but a new sandwich price has got customers taking a double-take at the beloved retailer.

Costco Profits Rise In Weak Economy
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Costco can save you a bunch of money with their monthly membership and a lot of Washington residents love their $1.50 soda and hot dog special.

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A new addition to the Costco food court menu has folks taking a double-take as the sandwich costs as much as a pizza.


An article from Fox Business explains that a roast beef sandwich is now being offered at the Lynwood Washington location for $9.99.

The original Reddit poster had made the comment that you could get a full pizza for the same price and couldn't understand the cost of the sandwich compared to the pizza.

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The Reddit post has over 500 comments already and a lot of Costco regulars are befuddled by the price.

Costco Profits Rise In Weak Economy
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The general consensus of the comments is focused on the fact that the other menu item prices don't seem to match up with the roast beef sandwich price.

One commenter made the comment that if you can get a whole pizza for that price, why buy the sandwich?

The good news is that as food prices rise, Costco has been committed to keeping the $1.50 soda and hot dog deal intact.

As we know, the world runs on supply and demand so we'll see if the new sandwich menu sticks around for the long haul. You can read more details on this story here

New Food Court Item - Roast Beef Sandwich $9.99 (Lynnwood, WA)
by u/mo4r-pow4 in Costco

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