Governor Jay Inslee said during a press conference Friday that he was delighted by President Biden's signing of the American Rescue Plan, the contentious $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

Inslee said the funds coming to Washington State won't be treated the same as prior high-cost relief legislation. The state previously opted to keep a healthy amount of the aid money in reserve in order to make it last. This time around, Inlsee is expecting to use the funds more quickly.

The bill includes $2.6 billion for Washington State's schools.

"I've heard from many educators who would like that money to go to mental health aid for students with counselors, nurses, and other support workers for the variety of challenges our students have." stated Inslee, "I agree with those educators. We need to do this."

The Office of Financial Management is still crunching the numbers to find out just how much money Washington State will receive overall from the package. Inslee added that state legislators will have a big role in allocating the relief money, and he looks forward to working with them in making those decisions.

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