A former East Wenatchee Walgreens Pharmacist accused of wasting COVID-19 vaccines and fraudulently documenting paperwork will enter a federal diversion program.  

A agreement signed Wednesday places 52-year-old Geoffrey Reynolds on probation for three years in order to avoid going to trial. 

In 2021, Reynolds reportedly destroyed COVID-19 doses and falsely signed off on administering them for two Douglas County Fire District 2 firefighters. 

Federal charges of making false statements related to health care matters will be dismissed if Reynolds successfully completes his probation. 

Reynolds was charged in U.S. District Court in Spokane in June of this year.

In the agreement, Reynolds acknowledged that he broke the law and that the United States could prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

In April, Reynolds admitted in an interview with the FBI that he falsified COVID-19 vaccination data in 2021. 

During that time, essential workers were required to be vaccinated by Oct. 18, 2021 under Governor Jay Inslee’s emergency order.  

In September of 2021, Captain William Seth Ellis and Firefighter Josh Bollinger of Douglas County Fire District 2 sought to get vaccination documentation without getting the vaccine. 

Ellis did not want to get the vaccine, while Bollinger believed he had a bad reaction to an initial dose and did not want to get the second dose. 

The agreement Reynolds signed stipulates that he destroyed the doses for each firefighter and then completed a false and fraudulent COVID-19 vaccine card. 

Ellis and Bollinger resigned from Fire District 2 after it was learned that Reynolds had faked their vaccination paperwork. Reynolds was fired from the East Wenatchee Walgreens. 

In September 2022, Reynolds agreed to pay a $1,000 fine and take an ethics class in order to stay accredited as a pharmacist in the State of Washington. 

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