Back when I was in grade school, the Cold War was going strong. John F. Kennedy was the president and in my grade school, we were doing “duck and cover” exercises. This was meant to teach grade school kids what to do in case of a nuclear attack. The school bell would ring, and we were to get out of our chairs, get down underneath the desk and cover our heads. 

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When I think about this now, I wonder how the teachers felt about having us do this exercise when they knew that climbing underneath a school desk and putting your head down was not going to protect you from a nuclear blast. Nor would it protect you from the fallout that would come later. 

I mentioned all this now because of the story that I just read. 

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Last week Vladimir Putin gave his Russian State of the Union address and alleged that the United States was getting ready to strike. Russian territory. 

According to
“In a message to Western nations who may be considering sending troops into Ukraine, Putin said: "They need to understand we too have weapons that can strike targets on their territory," and threatened a "conflict with the use of nuclear arms and consequently the destruction of civilization".” 

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Just in Washington state there are multiple locations that could likely be bombed in a nuclear attack, of the 14 locations that are mentioned one is in Washington state. Another is in nearby Montana.  

The list according to  

“The Pentagon
Washington, DC.

Naval Station Norfolk
The US and the world's largest Navy base, located in Norfolk, Virginia.  

Comfort Suites Kings Bay Naval Base Area 
located in Camden County, Georgia. 

Barksdale Air Force Base
In Bossier Parish, Louisiana. The base is home to the US' 2nd Bomb Wing. 

Whiteman Air Force Base
Located near Knob Noster, Missouri. 

United States Strategic Command 
It is responsible for the US' nuclear deterrence and cyber defense among other key roles. 

VLF Array Lualualei 
A facility in Lualualei, Hawaii. 

Kirtland Air Force Base 
Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

21st Force Support Squadron 
Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado. 

Warren Air Force Base 
An Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

Minot Air Force Base 
Based in Minot, North Dakota.  

Hill Air Force Base
Located in Davis County, Utah. 

Malmstrom Air Force Base
Located in Cascade County, Montana. 

Naval Radio Station Jim Creek
based near Oso, Washington. 

So, in some ways the Cold War is back with all the Saber rattling and posturing from the old days that came with it. In my highly uneducated opinion, I don't see Vladimir Putin pressing the button. (That's how I sleep at night.) 

Vladimir Putin's nuclear targets mapped: The 14 US locations in Russia's crosshairs - World News - News - Daily Express US ( 

Putin Threatens 14 American Targets with Nukes - 1 is in Missouri ( 


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