Washington Town Named to Best in USA List (Two Wrongly Left Off)


Before we get to the lone Washington State town that made the list of the top 100 small towns with FEWER than 10,000 residents (according to Far & Wide) Let's get to the towns that SHOULD have made this list. The fact that they didn’t is almost criminal.

Friday Harbor, Washington

Population: 2,981 (2023 population estimate)

Friday Harbor (Darryl Swenson via Facebook)
Friday Harbor (Darryl Swenson via Facebook)

Sitting on its San Juan Island throne, surrounded by orcas, sea lions and ferries shuttling out of towners to islands that thankfully was claimed by America (Canada almost went to war over this quaint archipelago) 

Friday Harbor is the big town, the big metropolis of the islands. Check out our recent list of hidden gems of the San Juans.

Fun Fact: 

‘The town was named Friday Harbor after a Hawaiian sheepherder who went by the name Friday.’ -Historylink.org


Chelan, Washington

Population: 4,607 (2023 estimation)

Lake Chelan's Slidewaters (via Facebook)
Lake Chelan's Slidewaters (via Facebook)

There’s a reason why tens of thousands of tourists from all over the Pacific Northwest flock to Chelan, Washington. From Memorial to Labor Day - boats and RVs clog up the interstate highways and local small one lane roads heading to one the best locations on earth. When you crest the hill (after climbing up and away from Knapps Tunnel) and see the blue lake - it takes your breath away. Then after settling down to look out at the lake and the surrounding foothills and mountains, it's even better. (Topped only if you experience Lake Chelan on that boat you hauled for hours in bumper to bumper traffic.)

Fun Fact: Lake Chelan is the Third Deepest Lake in the United States

‘If the lake was void of any water and it sat empty in the Cascade Mountain Range, from its highest peak to its greatest depth Lake Chelan would be deeper than the Grand Canyon. Think about that next time you're swimming here!’ -Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce


Both Washington towns should have easily made the list of "Best Small Towns in America" 

What town did?

Leavenworth, Washington

(Coming in at #37 on the best 100 small towns in America, fewer than 10,000 residents, according to Far & Wide)

Population: 1,995 (2023 estimation)

Leavenworth's OktoberFest (Connor)
Leavenworth's OktoberFest (Connor)

Why it’s a great small town: This Bavarian theme woven with the Enchantments towering overhead. Yes, it's known as "Christmastown-USA" and having fun Oktoberfests. But word somehow made it out to every corner of the globe. International tourists come here each and every weekend, year round.

Restaurants, hiking to Colchuck & mountain biking Rosy Boa only skim the surface of great things to do in and around Leavenworth.

Fun fact:  In the 1960’s, with Leavenworth financially on the ropes, town officials came up with the Bavarian theme to help bring in tourists. Thankfully it worked!

INFO: Far & Wide, Historylink.org, World Population Review, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce

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