Do you remember that audio from a radio show talking to a gal about "Deer signs," and how the Department of transportation needs to move the "deer signs" to less populated areas? OH, if it were that simple, here let me just post the reminder below...

Yes, that really happened. But now we really have to start paying attention this November. It's Rut Season!

What is "Rut Season?"

"The rut spans from approximately late October to late November. As it arrives, mature bucks become increasingly active, attempting to establish dominance within their territory. During this time, they abandon typical daytime habits and begin moving about in search of a mate." Source 

In other words, It's Deer Dating Season.

It also means that herds are migrating to areas with more vegetation for the fall and wintertime. Meaning, they are headed down the hills and to the rivers. Plus roaming various orchards.


How many accidents occur in Washington State involving Deer?

“Drivers in Washington have a one-in-286 chance of hitting a deer according to a 2022/2023 analysis by State Farm." Source

I know growing up in Okanogan County, the deer population is out of this world and then to add the accidents on the highways. Doesn't seem like a "fall" without hearing about some sort of Deer vs Car collision, sadly.

In other words, Slow Down and keep an eye on the sides of the roads for deer crossing, and then look for their friends as well, they usually aren't too far behind. Safe Travels!

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