Maybe you are someone who likes to live on the edge and you need something to slow you down a bit. Or maybe you are someone who is always safe and wants to learn more safety things! We got you covered.

I'm always down to learn new things, it's like food for the brain gaining knowledge.


Let's start with Road Safety

WSP: 5 Things to Know for Safer Washington State Roads

Now how can we prepare for ourselves?

7 Tips for Safe Washington State Pass Travel

We always want to be prepared when traveling the passes, you just never know what could happen, and some areas have little to no cell service. Please tell someone ahead of time where you plan to go with an eta of arrival. You are cared about.

Keep in mind too, your sleep pattern may affect your driving abilities.

5 Signs You Are Too Tired to Drive in Washington State

Now, with Summer coming, how can we prepare for a safe summer?

Tips on Staying Cool In Washington State

While some of these might seem obvious, they are always a good reminder :).

Gallery Credit: Aly

There are some dangerous cities in WA, but where?

10 Most Dangerous Cities in the State of Washington

Live in or traveling to Washington? Be aware of your surroundings in the most dangerous areas in Washington avv

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

I know I have just given you so so much information, but all of it is essential for the safety of yourself and other.

Explore Washington but be prepared too.

This beautiful evergreen state is full of mountains, passes, wildlife and people. Know your surroundings but also, have fun! That's what life is about right? YOLO, wait is that slang word, out? I never know these days HAHA! By the time this is posted, there's gunna be another slang word that we learn.

"Knowledge itself is power" - Sir Francis Bacon

The 10 Most Frequently Stolen Items in Washington State

According to the 2022 Crime in Washington report, these are the 10 items that thieves want to steal from you the most.

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10 Spring Family Adventures You'll Love In Washington State

Check out these 10 amazing spring break family destinations you'll love in Washington State

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