If you've never heard stories of gals meeting each other in a girls bathroom, you haven't lived.

I often wonder how those gals are...

I have seen them all, the good, the bad and the literally sick gals. But there's something special about a Womens restroom at a bar. Not only do some of the bathrooms come with a couch, but also comradery.

The Types of Women You'll Meet in A WA Bar Bathroom

This is all funny/true/I've been there, done that, so this is how I know.

Gallery Credit: Aly

I have been all of the above.

Of course, not all in the same night, maybe multiple in the same night, but still, balance.

Oh, my mom would be so proud. Actually, speaking of my mother, why is it that most of our selfies together are always best when taken in a bathroom mirror?! I'll never understand it.

You don't choose the Bathroom Women, they choose you.

I'm not kidding, you could walk into a bathroom at the bar one minute and no one is in there, the next time you walk in, it's a full-on soap opera. If you are the "in and out" type, I highly suggest you make no eye contact, stay quiet and on your phone and you will be "in and out." otherwise, you will end up as the mom, the planner or even the new bestie.

May the odds be forever in your favor, and may your plans stick for brunch the next morning. Or at least that logical plans will be made for a future date, not the next day when all you want to do is sleep and eat fatty foods because, hungover.

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