A 42-year-old man is in jail on suspicion he supplied Fentanyl and meth to a woman who died from an overdose.

Officers say Jairamie Sundance Bolerjack met up with the 46-year-old woman at the Red Lion Inn in Wenatchee, where he sold her drugs on Friday, Jan. 5.

They say Bolerjack, the woman and a third person spent the night at the Red Lion. Police say the woman was taken to a hospital the next day with a head injury and was discharged just after midnight Sunday, Jan. 7.

The woman was found later that day dead in a bathroom at the Wenatchee YWCA women's shelter. Police seized drug paraphernalia on the bathroom floor and drugs from the woman's property at the shelter, and are holding the items as evidence.

Police say the third person, who was with the woman at the Red Lion Inn, told them the woman gave Bolerjack cash before to two went into the bathroom at the hotel and consumed drugs. Police say the third person told them Bolerjack had a pound of meth on him.

Officers say they found a text on the woman's phone from Cash App stating Bolerjack has accepted $25 she sent.

Bolerjack is in Chelan County jail with bail of $50,000, but has not yet been charged with a crime. Prosecutors have until 5pm Monday to bring charges.

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