April 18-20 the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife plans meetings in Olympia for a variety of purposes, on important issues.

  DFW will be taking public comments

The purpose of the meetings is, according to WDFW, to discuss rulemaking concerning cougars, and to hear the annual wolf report that includes the 2023 population estimates as well as wolf-livestock interactions.

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Fish and Habitat Committees will present reports on Thursday on a variety of topics, then on Friday, according to WDFW:

"Friday’s agenda begins with an open public input opportunity followed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) director’s report."

 "The Commission will also hear a public petition on the use of decoys and calls for hunting waterfowl, turkey, snow geese, Ross’s geese, and deer. The Commission will conclude Friday with a discussion about which elements to include in a draft rule and submit for public comment on cougar hunting seasons."

Saturday will include another public input session as well. Complete agenda items can by found at the WDFW website. 

People who want to provide comments an input can do so by pre-registering for the event and can provide input either in person or remotely.  For registration details, click here.


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