By now, you've either heard of Ree Drummond or seen some gossip stories about her family. You (or someone who loves you) may have even bought some of her Pioneer Woman cookware at Walmart.

If you're a true (and obsessed) fan of Ree, then you probably already know that she has a cool connection to Washington state!

It seems her sister Betsy, lives in Seattle.*

“They whip up a Clam Dip that's perfect with Betsy's Potato Chips, some delicious Crispy Savory Pancakes and a Baked Fontina Cheese Board with Washington cheeses, all washed down with a refreshing and sparkling Strawberry Spritz.” - The Pioneer Woman, Season 32, Episode 4: “Sister Sister”

Betsy Lee Smith has an adorable son, Ree’s nephew, and he is named Elliot. He is featured in many of Ree's family photos on her social media.

Check out this recipe for Ree’s Pasta a la Betsy, via TikTok

@thepioneerwoman I love my sister Betsy, and I love this pasta she makes! It’s saucy, just like her. #fyp #cooking #learnontiktok #pasta #easyrecipe ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

*This article has been updated to reflect correct information. We have removed prior mentions of a Seattle man who was incorrectly identified as Betsy's husband. - Editor

Meet Betsy Lee Smith, Ree Drummond's Cool Connection to Seattle, WA

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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