Detectives with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office are asking for public help to get more information about a 41-year-old Mattawa man who is the suspect in a 2021 rape.

Isidro Cruz-Amaro, also known as "Junior", is charged with raping a drunk woman in February of 2021 after taking her home from the R Place Tavern in Desert Aire, which he owned at the time. He no longer owns the tavern.

Cruz-Amaro denied rape accusations, but DNA evidence matched him with the crime.

He was moved to Grant County in the last few days from the Yakima County Jail, where he's suspected of offering money to two teenage girls in Moxee for sex in May of 2023.

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Cruz-Amaro has a $100,000 bond in Grant County.

A news release from the sheriff's office notes Desert Aire is a town with year-round homeowners and is also a popular spot where people from western Washington keep vacation homes.

Grant County deputies are asking the public, particularly locals and vacationers, if anyone has information on Cruz-Amaro or if anyone else is a victim.

People who have information on Cruz-Amaro are asked to call GCSO at 509-762-1160 and reference case number 21GS01641.

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