A Douglas County cider business is being shut down for code violations. 

The County announced Thursday that Union Hill Cider Company is being deemed “unsafe for occupancy” due to numerous violations. 

They include not having commercial business permits, multiple fire code deficiencies, and a structure that is not authorized for occupancy.  

The County also says Union Hill continues to host concerts and events that exceed its temporary occupancy allowance of 50 people.  

Union Hill Cider Company has recently been operating under a temporary occupancy permit issued by the county in October 2023 

The County says it's been making good faith efforts toward Union Hill and has issued multiple warnings since 2019. 

It said a temporary permit was granted so Union Hill Cider Company could continue to operate while working towards fulfilling all requirements.  

In a notice of code violations, the county referred to three violations. 

One was a Keg and Barrel Festival with multiple bands and food trucks in September of 2023.  

Another violation was a concert with a live band that reportedly drew more than 100 people on March 15 of this year. It said the venue's kitchen was serving food without a permit.  

A third infraction was a concert last Friday with more than 150 people and food service. 

Union Hill said it's been working for the past nine months toward getting permits in order but has been forced to shut down by the County. 

Union Hill Cider Company is located at 988 South Union Avenue in East Wenatchee. It's southwest of Pangborn Airport and overlooks the Columbia River near Highlander Golf Course. 

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