Chelan County will try to change the process of getting a hearing with the state Liquor and Cannabis Board. 

Right now, the board can renew a liquor or cannabis license over the objection of a county without consulting with the county. 

Commissioner Kevin Overbay says the state board has the option of whether to accept a hearing with the county. 

"That needs to be changed, because counties, as an arm of state government basically, have an objection to licensing of a business, because of zoning rules or other rules," said Overbay.  

Commissioner Overbay says he's proposing to change the law so that counties would be guaranteed a hearing with the board over licensing disagreements.  

“I actually submitted, it took me two hours to go through the process with LSC (Legislative Service Center) to submit legislation with LCB (Liquor and Cannabis Board) that would take into consideration local concerns, but also take into consideration the ability for us to have a hearing.”   

Overbay says he'll work with the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) and District 12 state lawmakers to change the law in the next legislative session.  

He is the county’s liaison to WSAC. Overbay said he filed paperwork with WSAC which included rejection letters and other documentation supporting his request for a legislative change. 

Overbay shared his intentions and efforts so far with fellow commissioners Monday after Commissioner Tiffany Gering mentioned receiving a letter from the Liquor and Cannabis Board stating the county’s opportunity for a hearing over license renewal disagreements would be offered at the board’s discretion. 

There was general concern among county staff and commissioners that the board had never granted a hearing over such a matter in the past.

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