A 34-year-old Wenatchee man is hospitalized with a puncture on the right side of his chest cavity after police say he was stabbed.

Investigators say 23-year-old Zachary Justin James Craig stabbed the man at Pennsylvania Park in Wenatchee at about 8:45pm Friday.

They say the man and a woman had planned to meet at the park "to get high" together where Craig assaulted him.

The man was taken to Confluence Health Hospital Central Campus where he was in stable condition as of Saturday.

Craig was booked into the Chelan County Regional Justice Center Saturday. He faces 1st Degree Assault charges and has bail set at $500,000.

He has a one year no contact order with the man.

Craig also has a preexisting no contact order with the woman he traveled to Pennsylvania Park with. He was arrested in June of this year under accusations he assaulted her in a domestic dispute.

That case is ongoing in Chelan County Superior Court. Craig has not been formally charged under the new assault charges and has yet to appear in court over the case.

He has two previous convictions for assault.

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