A 48-year-old man faces charges after being arrested in what deputies say was a stolen vehicle.

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office says a Sheriff's Sergeant located a stolen vehicle in the 1200 block of Red Apple Rd in Wenatchee which was occupied by Peter L. Parlette.

Sheriff's Chief of Patrol Seth Buhler says other deputies arrived on the scene and Parlette was not fully cooperative when confronted. 

“They went to take him into custody, and he mostly resisted by just trying to pull away, not cooperating,” said Buhler. “(He) was taken into custody without incident after that, though.” 

Parlette was arrest at around 3:45 AM Saturday. He faces resisting arrest charges as well as possession of a stolen vehicle.

Deputies say Parlette was booked into the Chelan County jail Saturday morning, He was not listed in the inmate registry Monday evening.

Buhler says it turns out the vehicle and the license plate were stolen separately. 

"The vehicle was stolen as well, but it's separate from the stolen license plate," Buhler said. "So, the license plate was stole off of a different car. And the car itself was stolen itself." 

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