A 19-year-old man faces vehicular assault charges after being suspected of DUI in a Sunday night crash south of Wenatchee. 

The crash took place in the 1400 block of Wenatchee Heights Road when deputies say Diego Hernandez Ordonez lost control of his vehicle and hit an oncoming vehicle. 

Chelan County Sheriff’s Chief of Patrol Seth Buhler says Hernandez Ordonez was traveling down a hill on the road and was ahead of another vehicle. 

"The other car coming down the hill tried to avoid the collision, kind of swerved behind the vehicle that had been coming up the hill, something hanging off the back of that (the uphill vehicle) struck that vehicle, causing damage to the (the downhill) vehicle and threw him (the downhill vehicle) off the road, and stopped in a ditch," said Buhler. 

He said the car traveling behind Hernandez Ordonez downhill hit an attachment to the rear side of the oncoming vehicle. 

"It was just a hitch, a towing hitch, the part that goes into the vehicle with a ball on it that you attach a trailer to" Buhler said.  

 Deputies say Hernandez Ordonez was traveling far above the speed limit when he lost control and caused the crash. 

He and the driver of the vehicle he struck were injured and taken to Confluence Health Hospital Central Campus in Wenatchee. 

The driver of the trailing vehicle was not injured. 

The crash took place at 6:38pm Sunday. 

Deputies say Hernandez Ordonez was also cited for not having a valid operator's license and for not having insurance. 

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