An 18-year-old Royal City man has critical injuries from a one car crash near Quincy Tuesday morning. 

Deputies say Steven Torres Morales was driving a 2016 Nissan Altima at a very high rate of speed when he lost control near the 5800 block of Adams Road North. 

The car left the road and hit a small concrete irrigation canal, where it became airborne, landing in the yard of a home and continued at a very high rate of speed. 

Troopers say it then crossed over the top of a full, 75-foot-long irrigation pond, and struck a large tree, with the rear of the car rising up and smashing its roof against the tree. The vehicle then came to rest on its wheels near the tree. 

Troopers say Morales was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected through the windshield when the vehicle hit the tree.  

They say he dragged himself across a driveway and to the door of the home, where he was discovered by the home's residents around 6am Tuesday. 

Torres was taken to Quincy Valley Medical Center with severe injuries. It's not known if he was eventually taken to a higher-level hospital. 

Grant County Sheriff's spokesperson Kyle Foreman says Torres was quite lucky. 

"Having that vehicle go through everything that it went through, and then smashing into a tree, ejecting him through the front windshield, he was lucky that he was not killed and that he was able to drag himself across a driveway to a home," said Foreman. "And thankfully he was discovered, and the homeowners were able to call for an ambulance for him."  

The crash is still under investigation as deputies are trying to determine when the crash took place, whether it had just happened or was hours before residents at the home discovered him at the door. 

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