Wenatchee Police Officers captured the arson suspect to the Motel 6 fire on Friday.

Shortly after midnight, crews were called out to a roof fire on the 600 block of North Wenatchee Avenue in Wenatchee. They later discovered that the fire was on the second story of the building.

40-year-old Christopher Blanchard admitted to lighting his mattress on fire in the attic of the motel. 

Blanchard’s motives stemmed from the voices he was hearing in his head at the time.

Wenatchee Police Sergeant Guy Bryant said his department is familiar with Blanchard, who was a history of arson.

The suspect was arrested back in 2020 for a different arson incident and was recently released. 

Crews left the motel around 2:30 a.m. No one was hurt and there was no additional damage to any other rooms.

Blanchard was charged with first-degree arson.

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