Spring is arriving in the National Forest and the snow is melting. Hiking trails are beginning to open up for use. Robin DeMario with the National Forest Service, says there are three trails to consider for hiking. "Some trails to consider are the Penstock Trail in Tumwater Canyon, Icicle Ridge Trail located up the Icicle Road just south of Leavenworth, and Eagle Creek Trail on Blewett Pass." DeMario says to keep in mind that only the first mile of Icicle Ridge and Eagle Creek trails have melted out, and to let the trails dry up and firm up before biking and hiking on them.

The National Forest Service is also doing assessments of several other recreation sites. DeMario says that crews will begin to determine the condition of the roads and recreation sites soon. "Crews will also be assessing the condition of the road and recreation sites near Beehive Reservoir, that's located South of Wenatchee. Plans are to open this area very soon, once all the snow is melted off at the access road."

As soon as the roads and trails are snow free, dry and firm, outdoor recreationists can take full advantage of forest trails, hikes and views.


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