A delegation from the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan is visiting Chelan County this week.

The group is in the area as part of a sister-region relationship between Washington State and Kyrgyzstan.

County spokesperson, Jill FitzSimmons, says the delegation is comprised of people with backgrounds in business and tourism who are here to find out more about both in our region.

"They've been here touring our area. They've already been to Wenatchee, Cashmere, and Leavenworth, and will be in Chelan on Friday. They visited with our three commissioners on Monday and just wanted to talk about creative economy. It was a great discussion, they asked a lot of questions and we did a lot of sharing with those folks from our sister region."

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FitzSimmons adds the county and Kyrgyzstan share much in common with each other.

"They're very interested in how we balance our natural resources with tourism development and business development because they come from a region that, like ours, depends quite a bit on tourism."

The delegates will wrap up their visit to the county on Friday before heading to other parts of the state.

Their visit comes on the heels of one made by Chelan County Natural Resources Director, Mike Kaputa, to Kyrgyzstan two years ago.

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