Both North Central Washington Congressional representatives appear set to be moving on after the first round of ballots were reported counted Tuesday night.

4th District

Incumbent Dan Newhouse is currently in the poll position over his fellow Republican challengers. In what has been his toughest primary, the Sunnyside native holds just over 27% of the vote.

His next-nearest challenger, Doug White, is at 26% and about 1,000 votes behind Newhouse's total.

Former gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp currently sits in third with almost 22% of the vote. As of Tuesday night, Culp finds himself over 3,000 votes behind White.

Newhouse, a Republican, is facing a tough re-election campaign. Many voters have not forgotten that he was one of ten congressional Republicans that approved then-president Donald Trump's second impeachment in the House of Representatives following the January 6th riot.

8th District

While Newhouse is just inching out his second-place opponent, 8th District Congresswoman Kim Schrier is looking like a stronger incumbent than her opponents have been saying.

Schrier received over 49% of the primary votes so far. In fact, the Sammamish Democrat currently has more votes than the entire Republican field combined. Many media outlets have projected the 8th District as a 'swing' district.

It's still too close to call in the race for who will challenge Schrier November 8th. Matt Larkin has almost 16% of the vote, while Reagan Dunn is a little less than 1,000 votes behind Larkin at about 15%.

Jesse Jensen, Schrier's opponent in 2020, is in 4th place with 13% of the vote. He will need to see returns tip heavily in his favor in order to overtake Larkin and Dunn, the former of which has a 3,760-vote lead on Jensen.

More election results can be found here.

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