The Douglas County Republican Central Committee is the first GOP committee in the 4th Congressional District to endorse Prosser businessman Jerrod Sessler over incumbent Dan Newhouse in next year's election. 

The committee held a meeting Monday night where Sessler spoke and was well received by people in attendance. 

Douglas County Republican Committee Chair Cindy Wright says there's been frustration over a lack of access to Newhouse. 

“The majority of the members there said for the last three years, the last two-and-a-half years, the last four years, they’ve begged him to come and speak to us, and he does not make time,” said Wright. “He’ll send his assistant who is a wonderful person, but we were not important enough for him to make time.” 

Sessler is the only announced candidate against Newhouse for 2024.  

He was one of six Republicans who split 48% of the vote in 2022, which allowed Newhouse to win the primary with just 26% of the vote. Democrat Doug White also advanced to the general election with 25%.  

A couple dozen people attending the Monday night meeting urged the committee to support Sessler instead of waiting until next year. The committee suspended its rules to make the endorsement ahead of schedule. 

Wright says they’re hoping to set a trend for Sessler across the district. 

“He came away with a huge win on that,” Wright said. “And we’re hoping us saying we endorse him that we can lead the way for the rest of the committees ae well.” 

She went on to say she likes Newhouse as a person, but thinks he’s lost sight of the day-to-day workings of the people that he represents. 

In addition, Wright said Douglas County Republicans are trying to distinguish themselves from Chelan County which they tend to be lumped in with.  

She noted Chelan County in the 8th District is now represented by Democrat Kim Schreier, which does not reflect the conservative values of Douglas County. 

Wright said Douglas County Republicans are in the process of rebuilding and regrouping and now have filled 25 out of 28 Precinct Committee Officer positions.  

Sessler is known as a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, who harshly criticized Newhouse for being one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

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