Studded tires, which are permitted on Washington roads from November 1st to March 31st,  must be removed from all vehicles by Sunday, March 31st.

WSDOT can extend the removal deadline under specific conditions like late-season snow and ice but no extensions have been announced.

The Washington State Patrol will begin issuing tickets starting Monday, April 1st.

If you don't swap your tires on time, you could be fined $137 in Washington state.

“Studded tires cause between $20 million to $29 million in damage to state-owned roads in Washington each winter and also damage city and county roads,” said WSDOT Maintenance Operations Manager James Morin. “We urge motorists to explore all their traction options, including non-stud, winter-tread tires which are different from all–season tires. These tires are legal year-round and don’t damage our highways.”

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Washington and Oregon share the same studded tire removal deadline. Other states may have different studded tire removal dates, but the Washington law applies to all drivers in the state, even visitors.

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