Fourth District Congressman Dan Newhouse is facing stiff opposition for reelection from within his own party. 

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed fellow Republican Jerrod Sessler for the seat while calling Newhouse a “weak and pathetic RINO” in a social media post. 

Image from Jerrod Sessler Campaign
Image from Jerrod Sessler Campaign

Newhouse was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump after the Jan. 6th, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol. 

He's one of only two of them who are still in office with the others either not running for reelection or having been defeated in 2022.  

Sessler is the only announced candidate to run against Newhouse thus far with the candidate filing period coming up in the first week of May. 

Trump endorsed another Republican candidate in 2022, Loren Culp, who failed to advance to the general election. 

Culp came in third in Washington state’s top-two all-party primary system behind Democrat Doug White, who was later defeated in the general election. 

Sessler finished fourth in the 2022 primary with 12.3 percent of the vote. Six Republicans opposed Newhouse in that race.  

Sessler says Newhouse betrayed his voters by joining Democrats to impeach President Trump in 2021. He's also referred to the January 6 riots as "a set-up." 

“Jerrod Sessler is a fantastic candidate and will be a GREAT Congressman for Washington State’s 4th Congressional District,’ Trump said in a Truth Social post. 

Sessler is a U.S. Navy veteran and former NASCAR driver. He said he was honored to get Trump’s endorsement on social media. 

The Washington state primary election takes place on August 6. 

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