We're now within 10 days of the date two years ago that saw record heat across the region. 

Soaring temperatures led to extended business and restaurant closures and a fire that destroyed an entire town in British Columbia.  

National Weather Service Meteorologist Rachael Fewkes says the heat wave started with a disturbance in the western pacific tropics that moved north and interacted with the jet stream. 

"It caused a series of waves," said Fewkes. "All those waves just created this unusual wind pattern that resulted in this ridge just being able to form and be one of the strongest, probably the strongest we've ever seen (in this region)."  

Fewkes says the heat wave in 2021 was a once in a generation weather event, although there have been more record highs recorded in the past 20 years. 

Wenatchee reached a record 114 during that heat wave on June 29, 2021.

Among the Wenatchee area restaurants that closed up for days or longer during the heatwave were Tastebuds, The Buzz Inn Wenatchee, Thai Restaurant, Shakti's, Garlini's, Alma's Kitchen, the Rock in Rock Island, the Apple Cup Cafe in Chelan and the County Line on Woodin in Chelan.  

The current unusually cool weather in the region is leading to a further delay in the full arrival of wildfire season. 

In addition, rain and even a chance for mountain snow showers are causing a slowdown in the drying out of the ground. 

Fewkes says the extended cool and moist weather could actually increase wildfire risk. 

"We've seen fuels that have grown a lot." Fewkes said. "Things staying, sort of, cool and wet for longer that usual have allowed those fuels to really blossom. So when they do dry out that could potentially lead to a bad fire season. But it's hard to tell." 

The region will see a warmup into the 90's in the next 10 days. 

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