You may have wondered why the U.S. Flag was flying at half-staff on Wednesday, May 15th?  Did a dignitary deserving the honor pass away?

The reason was Peace Officers Memorial Day which is observed annually on May 15th.

The day has been set aside since President Kennedy's proclamation in 1962 to recognize local, state and federal law enforcement officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

National Peace Officer Memorial Day coincides with National Police Week.

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President Joe Biden issued a proclamation for Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week:

"This year, we also honor our Nation’s law enforcement families, who serve and sacrifice alongside their loved ones. Every day, they summon courage as their loved ones put on their badges and leave for work, praying for their safe return home.  o those who have lost a loved one who served, I know that no memorial can fill the void left in your heart. But I hope you find solace in knowing that their memory lives on through you, the community they served, and all those that they inspired through their example. Our Nation will never forget their sacrifice."

When is the flag lowered in Washington State?

The U.S. Flag is flown at half-staff to honor the passing of major government officials.  Flags will also be lowered when someone from Washington is killed in the line of duty while serving in the military.

Gov. Inslee also designated May 15th and four other dates that flags are scheduled to be flown at half-staff:

  • National Firefighters Memorial Day on May 5th
  • Memorial Day from sunrise to noon
  • Patriot Day on Sept. 11th
  • National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on Dec. 7th

Washington Police Air Support Uses

These are a few of the main tasks Washington State Police use air support for.

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