The Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority is seeking a $5 million grant from the Economic Development Administration to remodel the 'pods' left behind by former cryptocurrency company Giga Watt's bankruptcy in 2018.

CEO Jim Kuntz said 25 structures were left in various states of completion when a bankruptcy judge awarded the buildings to the port, with some constructed, some half finished and some just foundations.

The port previously underwent a study of what to do with the 25 'pods' near Pangborn Airport and decided the best use would be to convert the structures into small business production spaces.

"These are all structures that will look very nice on the outside." explained Kuntz, "Our goal is rehab all 25 and make it like a village where it's attractive, nice and we have a whole bunch of small businesses being productive."

The port just applied for the grant and won't know if they are approved for another three to four months. If approved, remodeling will begin next fiscal year.

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