There's an excessive heat warning in place for the next four days over the Wenatchee area and most parts of Washington from the Cascades eastward. 

Meteorologist Joey Clevenger with the National Weather Service says there's a system moving into the area that'll stay in place for a while. 

“We’ve got a high-pressure system off of the coast, and it’s, kind of, driving a ridge pattern over the top of us,” said Clevenger. “Very little air flow and a lot of sunshine. We’re just getting a lot of energy. And it’s going to be creating a lot of surface heat for the next several days.  

Wenatchee could see record high temperatures tomorrow and Wednesday. 

Normal highs for mid-August are the mid-80s. Existing record highs in Wenatchee for the dates are 101 and 102 degrees.

Clevenger says there could be elevated fire danger towards the end of the heat warning. 

"With the amount of dryness, we're kind of keeping an eye on Thursday as that ridge starts to break down and we get a short wave that will bring in some breezier conditions.," Clevenger said. 

It’s too early to know if there’ll be fire advisories such as a Red Flag Warning by Thursday because it’s not known what the humidity level will be. 

Dry weather with humidity as low as the teens will be enough to bring higher fire danger. 

For most of the week, there will be moderate to extreme risk for heat related illnesses for much of Eastern Washington and North Idaho. 

There'll be widespread record high temperatures Tuesday with Wenatchee predicted to reach 107 and Chelan projected to hit 110. There'll be near record high temperatures across the region through Thursday. 

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