Wenatchee and North Central Washington are experiencing record hot weather for mid-August. 

Tuesday's high in Wenatchee of 104 beat the record on 101 set back in 1967, and another record could be set today as the predicted high of 108 would shatter the record of 102, also from 1967. 

Meanwhile, National Weather Service Meteorologist Joey Clevenger say a pattern shift will bring a change. 

"The ridge and high pressure that's, kind if, over us now is going to shift east," said Clevenger. We're going to get a cross pattern that's going to be pushing in some cooler air and some moisture. Of course, with that we're expecting some breezy conditions Thursday and Friday, which could lead to some fire weather concerns." 

Right now there's a Fire Weather Watch from Thursday afternoon at 1pm through Friday night at 8pm. 

Clevenger says there’s still some uncertaintly on whether it’ll be bumped up to a Red Flag Warning or reduced to no advisory. 

"It just depends on the timing of the wind," Clevenger said. "We are expecting some moisture to come in with this pattern change, so that could also lessen the fire concerns with it. It's a timing thing of when the winds pick up, will there be moisture there to, kind of, keep a balance between the two." 

He says if it’s just dry and windy, the chance for wildfires will increase. 

Winds speeds for Thursday are expected to gust up to 28mph and up to 25mph on Thursday night. 

Humidity over that time frame is expected to be about 15 percent, which would be conducive to fire starts. 

If the humidity were to increase to 30 percent, any new wildfires would have a diminished chance of spreading, according to Clevenger. 

He also says the current heat wave is bringing the hottest weather for Wenatchee and the region since late June of 2021, when an all time high of 114 was recored in Wenatchee. 

Looking ahead, Wenatchee has seen record highs of over 100 into late August. 

The average high for late August is in the mid 80s. September normally starts off in the 80s and drops to the mid 70s by the end of the month. 

This September has a good chance of experiencing above normal temperatures with normal rainfall.  

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