The Washington State Legislature got their revenue report and it shows more revenue is being collected than is being projected with a strong economy.

12th District Sen. Brad Hawkins says the forecast shows the state collected $600 million more than was projected.

"What I'm pushing for now is the state to save more of that money in their reserve account to mitigate for any future economic downturns."

Hawkins says he doesn't expect any tax cuts with the extra revenue.

That number can also grow, according to Hawkins, if financial benefits for Boeing are removed.

"Boeing is asking the State of Washington, ironically, to repeal those tax breaks we provided them back in 2013, so that they can avoid significant international tariffs."

Hawkins says the aerospace company is being threatened due to those tax breaks being unfair to international competitors.

The money could also be used for other programs, including free college tuition.

Hear our full conversation from Thursday, Feb. 20th:

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