The city of Wenatchee is nearing the start of Phase 1 for the Saddle Rock remediation project to remove the old mining waste rock piles that are traces of when the Department of Natural Resources owned the land and allowed small mining practices claims on the area. In order to complete the first phase of construction, starting September 16, the Saddle Rock trail will be shut down for public access from the trailhead to the top of Saddle Rock.

"That's what we're doing in phase 1 of two phases. We'll be removing four piles of rock during this phase," said Charlotte Mitchell, capital projects manager for the city of Wenatchee.

Next summer is scheduled for the second phase of removing the piles of rocks. Mitchell stated the goal is to have phase one wrapped up by November. The dry gulch will remain open as well as the Saddle Rock trail on the WRAC side.


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