Grant County's seasonal burn ban went into effect today (Thursday, June 1).

The restrictions were implemented by the county's board of commissioners in 2017 and apply to all unincorporated areas in the county.

Spokesperson Kyle Foreman of the Grant County Sheriff's Office says that means burning rules in other places within the county might vary.

"Cities in the county may have different regulations, so if you live in a municipality, you need to check with your city's fire department to find out what other regulations may apply in your area."

The ban is intended to reduce the chances of wildfire starts within the county; something Foreman says increases in likelihood as the summer heats up.

"Right now, the Washington Department of Natural Resources says the risk of wildfires in Grant County is low. However, we all know it will start getting hotter here in North Central Washington very soon and that the fuels on the ground such as grass and sagebrush will start drying out a lot quicker once that happens."

Agricultural burns are still allowed during the ban, provided they have been permitted through the state Department of Ecology, and campfires are also allowed during the ban using approved devices at public campgrounds when permitted.

Campfires in fire pits at private residences are also allowed during the ban as long as they are no closer than 25 feet from any combustible land. The use of gas and charcoal barbecues is also allowed throughout the ban.

The burn ban will expire on October 1.

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