The non-profit organization, Serve Wenatchee Valley, has hired a new executive director.

On April 1, lifelong Pacific Northwest resident Mike Malmin will assume the leadership role for the charitable outfit that assists individuals and families in the region who are in need.

Serve Wenatchee's outgoing executive director, Tom Nees, says Malmin is uniquely suited to the position due to his familiarity with the area and its people.

"He's actually been in the Wenatchee area for about twelve years. When he first came to town, he served as pastor of the Wenatchee Church of the Nazarene and he will be a great fit for this position, both culturally and because he's been here for twelve years, he's well connected in the community."

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Nees says Malmin also brings a wealth of other qualifying attributes to the role.

"He's been doing interim work for churches that are going through some conflict, so his conflict resolution skills are really great. He's also got some media background, so I think he'll also make a great spokesperson for the organization. He's also a very open-minded teambuilder, so I think he'll be able to put together teams of people who will do good things for the people that we serve."

Nees, who's worked as Serve Wenatchee's executive director for almost seven years, is leaving to head up Common Ground Community Housing Trust - which was founded four years ago by Serve Wenatchee.

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