As more large employers are asking their workforce to return to the office, working from the comfort of your home is under threat for many.

Would you be willing to sacrifice some of your salary or annual pay in exchange for not having to commute and work from home in 2024?

A survey says many American workers would sacrifice a large amount of pay to work from home.

How much would it be worth to you to avoid the stress of getting to work on time or the time spent commuting to and from the workplace?

The polling results say many workers will work for a LOT less, if they can do it from home and cut out the commute.

The average Washington worker is prepared to sacrifice about $13 thousand in salary for the ability to work from home.  That amount was the second only to California workers willing to take around $13,750 less pay to work from home.  Montanans must not mind the commute with the beautiful scenery and would take the smallest pay cut to work from home at just $429 annually.

Some research finds average American workers spend 330 hours over the course of the year commuting to and from work or roughly 6+ hours per week.  Add to that the morning routine in preparation for the commute and the hours add up to significant time that could be spent on other pursuits with your family or on personal interests.  The work/life balance is the question here and how much is that annual commute of 330 hours worth to you?

A car dealership, Gunther Volvo Cars in Coconut Creek, FL  wanted to know how people valued their commute time and commissioned a study looking at what people were willing to sacrifice to eliminate their daily work commute for 2024.

The survey asked 3,000 people currently working from home but facing a return to work request from their employer so the issue is of a more personal impact to them rather than the overall workforce.

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Top 10 States Where Workers Would Sacrifice the Most Salary to Avoid the Commute

California: $13,759

Washington: $13,017

Utah: $12,843

New York: $12,693

Colorado: $12,631

Maryland: $12,157

Massachusetts: $11,951

New Jersey: $11,414

Louisiana: $11,189

Rhode Island: $11,107


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