If you could have any career, what would it be?

Something lucrative or a field others would consider you to be a success?

Or would you choose a career that fulfills your interests.  "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life" is the saying.

A look at the views of 3,000 respondents found that many people in North Central Washington are pursuing some of the most envied careers according to Washington residents.

A look at jobs Washington residents say would be their dream career

 - Adventure Tour Guide:  This career is a natural for residents of North Central Washington or anywhere in the Northwest who live to explore the great outdoors.  It's an obvious choice as the ultimate dream job.

- Vineyard Manager/Winemaker: It would be a life many dream of and may are living the dream in the wine growing regions of Washington state.  Lake Chelan is no exception.  Their days are spent among the vines, crafting the perfect bouquet and body, making this career a toast to those who love wine, nature, and the craft of winemaking.

- Cheese Artisan: Another romantic ideal, Cheese artisans enjoy the perfect career for  "foodie" and offers a deliciously enviable lifestyle steeped in the art of cheesemaking.

- Craft Brewer:   This career is a barrel of dreams for those who wish to leave their mark on the world of beer, one bottle at a time.  Craft brewers are thriving in the Pacific Northwest and especially in tourism destinations in North Central Washington like Leavenworth and Chelan

- Luxury Real Estate Agent:  This career is envied for its glamorous blend of luxury, negotiation, and the thrill of closing the deal.  Leavenworth, Chelan and the Methow Valley offer plenty of properties for sale in the high-end luxury market.

- Environmental Scientist: Environmental scientists would enjoy using their knowledge to develop ways to preserve natural habitats. Their work is critical, challenging, and infinitely rewarding. This career is well suited for someone who enjoys living in Washington state or the Northwest.

- Social Media Influencer: In the digital age, social media influencers are the new celebrities, shaping trends and engaging with fans from around the globe.  It’s a career many covet for its freedom, fame, and the ability to connect and inspire.

- Video Game Developer: In this rapidly evolving industry, developers stand at the forefront of entertainment.  This career captures the imagination of people who are passionate about gaming and storytelling.

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What are the Top 3 most envied "Dream Jobs" in Washington state?

Image: Teo Do Rio on Unsplash
Image: Teo Do Rio on Unsplash

1. Chocolatier: In a world where culinary art meets indulgence, chocolatiers reign supreme. This career is a slice of heaven on earth for anyone who dreams of turning chocolate fantasies into reality.

Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik
Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik

2. Wildlife Photographer: Wildlife photographers lead a life of adventure and discovery, ready to capture moments most people will never see in person.  Another career that is well suited to a resident of the Pacific Northwest.

Marine Biologist Getty Images
Marine Biologist Getty Images

3. Marine Biologist: Marine Biologists could easily base out of the Pacific Northwest but the career,  exploring the mysteries of aquatic life can take them around the world.  This career offers the chance to contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems while swimming alongside the most fascinating creatures of the deep.

What does the rest of the country think are the most envied careers to have?  Take a look at HostingAdvice.com for the findings in all 50 states

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