State Route 20 North Cascades Highway remains closed over a 37 mile stretch after heavy snow and concerns about snow and debris slides. 

The road has been closed since Saturday morning between the Ross Dam trailhead and Silver Star gate. 

Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) spokesperson Lauren Loebsack says the earliest time SR 20 would reopen is Tuesday. 

"We're still seeing a little bit of avalanche, or it's more like snow slide at this level, and they're waiting for the cold front to come in and freeze things up," said Loebsack. 

There are no close by detour routes for SR 20 and travelers are reminded to not go around closure points. 

While recreation is still permitted beyond the closure gates, anyone going past them should be aware of the potential weather-related hazards. 

SR 20 closes annually for the winter months, but WSDOT has not made that determination yet.  

Loebsack says the road will likely reopen again soon before snow and avalanche conditions force the annual closure. 

"We do want to try to open up when everything freezes up," Loebsack said. "And everyone that I've spoken to thinks that is likely to happen. That's the goal for our crews." 

The long-term closure will come when conditions cross the tipping point for avalanche and snow slide danger. 

The same crew that reviews conditions on Stevens Pass handles inspections along SR 20. 

Loebsack says WSDOT is emphasizing winter travel preparedness for drivers right now. 

The agency is advising drivers to consider getting traction tires, to make sure they have a full tank of windshield wiper fluid and to take it slow to give room to other vehicles on the road and WSDOT snowplows working to clear the roadways. 

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