The defense attorney for a man accused of leading officers on an 18-hour standoff near Leavenworth says his client suffers from a mental condition.

Investigators say Abel Wilkes prompted a swat team response due to careless actions with a firearm along Chumstick Highway near the community of Plain on March 29.

Surrounded by swat officers, Wilkes barricaded himself inside his home and eventually surrendered after negotiations.

In court documents filed today (4/12), Wilkes' attorney says his client presents an inability to participate in conversations in a meaningful way.

His attorney asked the court to approve a mental evaluation to make a determination as to Wilke's competency.

Judge Robert Jourdan accepted the motion and signed an order for a competency evaluation to be performed by a licensed psychologist.

A mental evaluation hearing in Chelan County Court is scheduled for April 26.

Wilkes is charged with second-degree assault and obstructing a law enforcement officer.

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